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All of my poetry is an admission of guilt and loyalty and love.


My close friend finally received a copy of my poetry book!

Still can’t believe I actually pulled off writing and releasing a poetry book. One of my most cherished accomplishments. Ebook link at the top of my page.


it started after dinner
once the aroma of
spice & wine
fell into our senses
no longer

that night
you’d show
more leg than I
could withstand

what kind of
storm are you?
what kind of wind
am I?

while drying dishes
I glimpse your thigh
one grab for glass
showed your ass

I thank the heavens
for you choosing
to wear only a tee
while eating with me

right before repenting
for the things I’m
going to do
to you

beardedmusing replied to your post: “ForPoetry Meet-up?”:

I totally would. If you make it to the west coast, hit me up.

I’ll be in LA to do the same soon. Be There. This goes for anyone else on the west coast.

ForPoetry Meet-up?

If I were to plan a ForPoetry meet-up in Manhattan NY, where we could all read aloud writings, discuss styles & interests, share with each other books and get to know one another, who would come? I’m seriously considering it.

Meeting Poets!

A few weeks ago I was in New York and had the honor of meeting up with mingdliu. She’s more talented and amazing than I can describe in one post. Also, she bought be coffee! She’s as smart as she is sweet. It was non-stop laughter from the moment we sat down. Her future is as bright as they come.

If you haven’t had the chance to read her writings or check out her Instagram feed, go. Now. You’ll be inspired from day one.

I’ll be doing much more traveling in the future and would love to meet many more talents out there. I’ll keep the ForPoetry blog updated whenever I head somewhere and maybe we can have a group meet-up.

Spread poetry. Keep writing.

Your metaphors are absolutely delicious. It's inspiring

A question by Anonymous

I like the way you put that. thank you.

Love On A Microscopic Level

you’re a lot
like this page

the way I’m
able to express myself
all over you

corner to corner

feeding me back
the energy
you receive

poetic osmosis

which makes sense
given that
I love you
on a microscopic level

your poetry is so beautiful and I really admire your style of writing! You can really feel the emotion through your words, it's amazing

A question by an-ephemeral-light

It means a lot to me to hear you say that. Thank you.

For me, there is hardly a difference between writing and breathing.


I wouldn’t be the writer I am without the support of the tumblr writing community. Thank you.